Little OVC flexes their academic muscle

In an honor to nerds who love college sports the tiny Ohio Valley Conference is flaunting their academic success. While I can only name a few schools in the OVC (a league that resembles “Stargate Atlantis” if each conference was a Sci-fi show), it is great to see a conference identify their academics as a strength.

Nothing nerdier than a "by the numbers" on academics.

Nothing nerdier than a “by the numbers” on academics.

There are great schools in the league like Belmont and Murray State. Even Kentucky would hesitate to schedule them in basketball. Still, the OVC knows that no one is going to give them their due in athletics. Through academics they have a solid edge they can market and stand out.

Sure, every conference promotes any positive news in academics, but it typically comes across as disingenuous. Not the case with the Ohio Valley.

Even the Twitter hashtag #OVCinspires shows they have their priorities straight. Not many leagues are going to score big television deals. Making money through athletics is a fantasy for OVC schools and it’s important they understand that. Not many leagues know their role in the NCAA.

Besides, I like “Stargate Atlantis.”


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