2013 Fantasy Football Advice

I love August. Not only is it the month where college football starts, and the month of my birthday, it’s also fantasy football time. I love a good fantasy football draft and the fun that comes with it the next 17 weeks.

My teams typically finish in the middle. I can’t think of a time where my team was horrible. Then again rarely do I finish in the top 2. I guess that makes the Star Trek Deep Space Nine of fantasy football teams. So take from the following advice what you want.

 Position, Position, Position

When it comes to fantasy football leagues, most have scoring systems that value running backs. In these cases it is vital to grab a running back as quickly as possible. Others value quarterbacks by giving more points for completions and passing yards. Some love punt and kickoff returners. Don’t make a mistake having a weak spot on your team that is critical to the scoring system. This is why you never see a kicker go in the first few rounds.

Mock Draft

If you’re new to fantasy do a mock draft to find out when specific players are typically coming off the board. This will also get you used to the quick decision time you have for your pick. Mock drafts can contribute to the next point.

Supply and Demand

Find out what positions are short on talent but high on demand. This typically falls to the running backs. Not every team really tries to run the ball and the ones that do split carries between different backs. The ones who go solo have the most value. In the NFL there are only about 10 of these backs and that might be generous.

This year is no different. After a guy like Trent Richardson who is ranked No. 10 on Yahoo! you’re guessing who will get carries. If you’re in a league with 12 teams you better get a top 10 back otherwise you’ll have a huge weak spot.

For a good strategy you have confess to yourself your fantasy team is probably not going to be loaded at every position. For that you need to pick a weak spot you can survive with. Here’s a hint.

Don’t worry about Wide Receiver

While running backs have a lack of depth wide receivers are the exact opposite. Once you get past Calvin Johnson the difference between receivers is small. Even better many more receivers will emerge as the year goes on that you can pick up on the waiver wire. Having a weak wide receiver position is not ideal, but it is something a team can overcome by loading up elsewhere. Better to have a revolving door at receiver than at quarterback and running back.

Load up on rookies near the end of the draft

If you have a weak receiver spot then draft some of the rookies that might turn out into a top 20 guy during the year. After round 10 you have nothing to lose so you might as well. Here are some rookie receivers to take a look at with their Yahoo! ranking.

Tavon Austin, St. Louis Rams. No. 30 WR

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans, No. 52 WR

Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota Vikings, No. 61 WR. Check out his kick return at the 1:08 mark of the above video.

Justin Hunter, Tennessee Titans, No. 90 WR

Well that should get you started if you needed help. Good luck.


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