Let the Party Begin

Yes! College football is back. This is like Christmas morning for some.

About five years ago I went to my first college football game as a student. The result was the nerdy sign you see below. Poor planning cause me to run out of space to write Northeastern on one line. Epic Fail.

Me in the middle proud of my crappy sign. Who cares! It's college football baby!

Me in the middle proud of my crappy sign. Who cares! It’s college football baby!

My Ball State Cardinals pounded Northeastern on a Thursday before labor day weekend in 2008. The Cardinals would go on to have a 12-0 regular season. Northeastern would scrap their football program a year later. Such is the life of a FCS program I suppose.

Enjoy it folks. There is not much better than the regular season of college football. It’s the only sport where the regular season means more than the postseason. Yeah that’s messed up but somehow it works for it.

Here are some things to watch for in week one.


Some cheap FCS school (like and episode of Stargate Universe) is going to find a way to beat a BCS team (like and episode of Stargate-SG1). It will happen. We all remember when Appalachian State knocked off Michigan. It made the sports weekend. I’ll never forget watching it on television.


There will be plenty of teams playing inferior opponents this week. While a few may pull off the upset, most of these underdogs are going to get creamed. These games are more about seeing how some players have improved over the spring and summer.That aspect fuels talk of how far your team will go. Therefore, a blowout in week one is more watchable than a blowout in week 11.

Set back and enjoy. We have a nice three months ahead for us.


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