Georgia’s bad schedule

It was a great game that ESPN wanted. Clemson knocked off Georgia Saturday Night in what many believed to be Clemson’s start to a championship campaign. I’m not so sold but it was a great win.

The point is not so much about Clemson as it’s about making a good schedule. Georgia has done what might be the dumbest scheduling possible. Opening at Clemson and followed by South Carolina is insane. The Bulldogs have no chance to recover and for what? To play a game on national television against a school from South Carolina? That’s what they are doing this upcoming Saturday.

Asking a road team to come win a game here in the first week is like asking Batman to fight crime on Krypton.

Asking a road team to come win a game here in the first week is like asking Batman to fight crime on Krypton.

There is no upside to recruiting as they have that state covered by playing South Carolina. If Georgia scheduled Ohio State then it could score recruits in the Midwest. The Bulldogs would also have a chance to impress pollsters in an area that may not otherwise pay attention to them.

In other words playing Clemson was redundant and unnecessary for Georgia. Now they have a beat up team playing a rested South Carolina squad Saturday (Gamecocks played Thursday). The Bulldogs could be 0-2 next week.

If Georgia had won Saturday you might be thinking I would have called it a smart gamble. Even if Georgia won it would have a fleeting victory that would have been wiped out if it lost to South Carolina. That’s the game that matters as winning the SEC East to get another crack at Alabama in the conference championship is everything to Georgia. Well, that and beating the holy hell out of Georgia Tech.

Now to some awards for week one.

Public Enemy: Florida State
Florida State pounded Pittsburgh Monday night and looked great. Especially their new freshmen Quarterback Jameis Winston. Don’t get too full of yourself kid.

Cannon Fodder: Elon
Elon lost to Georgia Tech on Saturday 70-0. The Phoenix (yes, that’s their name) fumbled on their second play and gave up two interceptions for touchdowns. Elon did miss a field goal at the end of the first half so it’s not like they didn’t get a chance to score. That’s something? Right?

Headshot victims: Oregon State, Kansas State, South Florida, Connecticut, and Iowa State.
These BCS conference schools all lost to FCS teams. That’s like being a named a registered sex offender. Enough said.

Best Game: Ole Miss 39 Vanderbilt 35
Vanderbilt converted on fourth and 18, scored a touchdown to take the lead with a minute to go, and still lost. That’s like taking the lead in the Mario Kart with the finish line in view only to take a turtle shell from behind before crossing. I felt bad for the Commodores but I was so happy to see a great game on college football’s first day back. Man I missed it.


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