Hypocrisy on Cupcakes

Sure, it was not a great weekend of college football action. Contrary to what ESPN might tell you, I say there is nothing wrong with that.

Several top ranked schools loaded up on easy schools Saturday. No. 4 Ohio State pounded FCS Florida A&M 76-0 and had a whopping 34-2 edge in first downs. How do you only get two first downs? No. 16 Miami (The U) made a worthless statement beating FCS Savannah State 77-7. The game was shortened with a 12-minute fourth quarter to end the slaughter quicker. There were other cupcake wins for No. 8 Florida State over FCS Bethune-Cookman 54-6 and No. 7 Louisville at least played a FBS school blowing out Florida International 72-0. That’s sure to make the Sun Belt conference proud. Note FIU defeated Louisville 24-17 just two years ago.

Was it good football? No, but that does not mean these games should have been scheduled.

These were budget games for the smaller schools in need of revenue. It also provided a chance to gain exposure for programs that rarely receive it. Who knows, if Florida A&M put up a fight against Ohio State this is a different story.

But because we did not have another Alabama at Texas A&M this Saturday we have to complain. We as in the sports media from ESPN to NBC Sports Network. The latter a network 10 people watch.

This comes off the day ESPN Gameday celebrated North Dakota State with a party in Fargo.

So in about 12 hours ESPN went from talking up FCS programs only to tear them down after the Top 25 rolled to easy wins. There is nothing wrong with these games. If you want to complain it’s that all of them occurred one weekend. The reason is because most of these powerhouses wanted to rest up before conference play starts.

You can’t have it both ways sports media. Do want to praise a tiny school when it beats a juggernaut? Great! Just don’t discourage these games from even happening if the upset doesn’t come.


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