Two Sides of the Bubble

In a night where the brackets were released and ESPN complained for hours (seriously, even the 30 for 30 on the Big East was two hours of whining) it was great seeing how schools responded. Particularly the bubble teams.

First the good news, a bubble team that did receive a spot was North Carolina State. The reaction from the Wolfpack is simple and priceless.

Before the announcement was this gem. A photo of the of the team and the phrase “No matter what.” Love it.

Whether the Wolfpack deserved a spot is not the story here. It was a great display of the pure emotion of just getting into the NCAA tournament.

The team that did not get into field but still had a great response was Southern Mississippi. I thought the Golden Eagles deserved a bid and was the highest ranked team in the RPI that was left out. To make its case, the athletic department went to the media.

I like it. Bubble teams should be doing everything it can to promote themselves. Especially the schools from the smaller conferences. Plus the stats it gave were convincing.

The bad news goes to SMU, the team many feel were robbed. Meet the new depressing tweet of the year candidate.

Being on the wrong side of the bubble really stinks but it shows how quickly teams must turn things around. SMU will be playing a home game in the NIT Wednesday night against UC-Irvine. Now is not the time to sulk.

Coach Larry Brown went through in the classic cliché of “It is what it is” at the 11:30 mark in this press conference video. Let’s just say it’s not a press conference anyone would want to be a part off.

Better refocus soon SMU. UC-Irvine wants to win the NIT. Do you?


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