Pink Out College Football

Like running on bubble gum.

Like running on bubble gum.

Now that we’ve hit October some schools are sporting pink in breast cancer awareness. While the NFL continues to go all out in pink, a few athletic departments are tackling the promotion too. New Mexico State is one school who takes it to another level. First, the Aggies changed the color of its field in Photoshop in its Twitter Banner photo.

But digitally altering a photo is nothing compared to what is becoming an annual tradition in Las Cruces. New Mexico State wore pink jerseys once again in Saturday’s loss to Georgia Southern.

New Mexico State grabbed a 14-0 lead against a favored Georgia Southern in the first quarter but then the novelty of pink must have worn off. The Eagles would score the next 29 points to win the game 36-28. New Mexico State should have won the game if it were not for four costly turnovers.

Oregon State was not as extreme in its pink promotion but did change the color of its profile picture for the month. Now we just need a cartoon called the “Pink Beaver.”

Several conferences have also changed their profile to pink or added a pink ribbon to it. This list includes the Big West, the MEAC, the CIAA, the Peach Belt, East Coast Conference, Great Lakes Valley and MAAC.

Arizona’s Duck Hunt

Arizona upset the No. 2 Oregon Ducks on Thursday and the result was this epic sports and video game crossover. Love it. Nice touch adding the final score in the bottom right corner.

Where in the World are the Ole Miss Goal Posts?

Great times at Ole Miss as it upset Alabama Saturday. The story then became what happened to the goal posts as fans carried them out of the stadium.

One upright ended up at an apartment of a student. That’s why college football is awesome.

Southern Mississippi’s Bad Comparison

While Ole Miss and Mississippi State were taking the entire spotlight from their wins Saturday, Southern Mississippi turned to an alumnus in the NFL for pride. The result was this comparison of Austin Davis to Brett Favre.

Not sure the disastrous Rams offense is a good place to boast about Southern Miss.

Tired Purdue Pete

Purdue scored a surprising victory at Illinois Saturday 38-27 and it appears the mascot needed to take a break from all of the excitement after the game.

Miami University Wins!

In a battle between two winless teams, the Miami RedHawks rallied from a 41-14 hole to beat UMass 42-41. It was the first win Miami has had in nearly two years, ending a torturous 21-game losing streak.

Sure, Miami won because of a missed extra point earlier in the game. Sure, Miami won because UMass didn’t spike the ball allowing time to expire on its final drive. Sure, Miami still has a lot of work to do. But who cares. MIAMI UNIVERSITY WON A FOOTBALL GAME! Streak over.


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