Photos from Final Four Friday

DSC_1180I was in the building for four hours of team practices of the Final Four and got off some good pictures. It’s a great time here in Indianapolis, seeing all these fan bases come together.

Michigan State had the most fun with its practice time, with a dunk show at the end. The Spartans also took some half-court shots in the final seconds. It kind of gave the impression that Michigan State was just happy to be there. Then again it may have shown just how loose the team is.DSC_1156DSC_1153DSC_1165Duke was the most business like in its practice. No fooling around under Coach K.DSC_1171DSC_1172DSC_1177Wisconsin ended its practice with a half-court contest of its own, but also shot free throws to get a feel for shooting them in a football venue. DSC_1182DSC_1194DSC_1209Kentucky also shot free-throws but ended its practice 15 minutes early. Coach John Calipari didn’t stick around to talk to Jim Nantz as the team walked off the court to wave to the fans. DSC_1214DSC_1224DSC_1236DSC_1254I’m still picking Kentucky to win it all but it’s a little shaky right now. Should be a great Final Four Saturday.


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