Sports have been the kryptonite of nerds everywhere since nerds started going to school. The NC2A Nerd hopes to find common ground between nerds and jocks as college sports should be enjoyed by all. Nerds just need a little help.

Welcome to the only blog that can tie Alabama football to "Doctor Who."

Welcome to the only blog that can tie Alabama football to “Doctor Who.”

The NCAA is more powerful than any TARDIS or Stargate out there. Just ask a SMU or Penn State football fan if you don’t believe me.

You will not see any commentary that will be offensive, shout profanity just because, or show risqué pictures of attractive people to make up for a lack of content. Sure, it is easy to show cheerleaders or the sideline reporter but this blog is better than that. Maybe.

Don’t be surprised to see reviews on television shows and video games too. Someone has to fill the void left by G-4 becoming a cooking channel. From time to time I might make a nerdy joke or two. Doubt anyone will actually notice when I do. The cake is a lie.

Sports I Cover

College football will get the most attention during the latter six months of the year with college basketball being the focus after New Year’s Day. Expect volleyball and tennis mentions in the spring. The only thing that’s off the table is baseball and softball unless I pick up a guest writer to cover that.

Rarely would I go into pro sports but fantasy and draft talk is an option.

I will make an effort to write about smaller schools such as the MAC, Conference USA and Missouri Valley. The little guys deserve just as much love as the SEC and Big Ten.

Since I love to analyze how the media covers certain events, expect posts on the major networks. Blasting an ESPN show is just too much fun to pass up.


I plan to post once or twice a week with Monday as the main day. Here, expect feature stories, statistical analyses, and a broad recap of the weekend action. A common feature you’ll see there is “Sensor Scans” where I find the cloaked gems those tricky athletic departments presented through social media.

If I can, I’ll post on Friday to preview the weekend. A common feature here would be the “Obscurity Report,” as I list some of the games that are not getting enough attention.

Expect more posts during March Madness and the college football bowl season.

About Me

Hi, I’m Nathan and I currently write for a weekly newspaper in Indianapolis. I have the face for radio, the voice for newspapers, and the personality for blogging. I have had some journalism success including multiple Associated Press stories but you don’t care about that.

I was born in sports crazed Lexington, Kentucky. Yet I was watching Star Trek reruns when I was five. I get the best of both worlds.

Like every sports fan I have biases. Kentucky is my favorite powerhouse school but I am also a Ball State graduate. If you were to call me the Caucasian, skinny, nerdy, non-alcoholic beverage drinking version of Jason Whitlock I would not take offense to it. I’m sure he would.

Granted, I’m not a nerd in several categories. Comic books being one and some recent video games being two. Just never got into the XBOX 360.

Social Media

Are you pondering what I’m pondering? You can follow this blog on Twitter @NC2ANerd and like the Facebook page.

Rules on Comments

I love feedback, even some negative. Please leave a comment, Twitter message, or Facebook post. What I will not accept is profanity, or any uncalled insults. Those comments will be deleted faster than FOX’s decision to cancel “Firefly.” Nerds have been bullied enough.


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