Texas Hate: What Went Wrong For TCU and Baylor

The most depressing set of rankings in college football this year.

The most depressing set of rankings in college football this year.

Under the BCS, people complained that the college football title was being decided by a number crunching computer. Today in 2014, under a selection committee, is the system better?

The committee had to pick four teams, and what we learned on Sunday afternoon is that crunching numbers is still in charge. Just look at the records for the top six teams and you see right away why teams 5 and 6 were left out.

1. Alabama 12-1
2. Oregon 12-1
3. Florida State 13-0
4. Ohio State 12-1

5. Baylor 11-1
6. TCU 11-1

See the problem. The Big 12 schools had one less game. The top four schools all played an extra game against a quality team this week. TCU and Baylor were just finishing up their regular schedule.

SEC fans and coaches thought the Big 12 had an advantage by not having a championship game. It turned out to be a weakness. It’s not easy to put a team that’s 11-1 over a team that’s 12-1. A computer would not have cared about winning a conference championship. Instead it would have just calculated the strength of schedule to figure out how a C-USA regular season game between losing teams impacted the SEC elite. Stuff us humans don’t really care about. That’s how Alabama and LSU played each other again in the title game in 2011.

Humans do care about conference championships. Humans do care about having one more win than another team. The past month we were waiting for Baylor’s victory over TCU to mean something as the committee continued to put TCU ahead of Baylor. Baylor’s weaker strength of schedule, especially in non-conference play was the reason given.

But on Sunday afternoon, strength of schedule didn’t mean squat. Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State all won an extra 13th game that Baylor and TCU didn’t even play. The result was Texas Christian and Baylor splitting the Big 12 title as Co-Champions. The problem though is how do you let one Co-Champion into the playoff without the other?

You can’t.

Instead the committee just doled out bids to the teams that truly won its conference in the order that its conference is perceived as. SEC is first (Alabama), PAC-12 second (Oregon), ACC third (Florida State) and Big Ten fourth (Ohio State). If the committee truly valued strength of schedule then Ohio State would have been out as its home loss to Virginia Tech was worse than TCU’s defeat at Baylor and Baylor’s defeat at West Virginia.

If TCU and Baylor played each other again this past Saturday it’s hard to see the winner of that game missing the playoff. But they didn’t play each other again, and the conference that was all about “One True Champion” is stuck with two champions on the outside looking in.

This doesn’t mean that a Big 12 team can’t make the playoff. Just means it is a little bit tougher. TCU or Baylor would have had to go undefeated like Florida State to secure a spot. For a one loss team from this league to get into the playoff a championship game will go a long way to keep pace with the other leagues. Either apply for a waiver from the NCAA to get a title game with just 10 teams, or steal two more from another league. Seriously, what does Boise State have to do and how many Big 12 teams does North Dakota State have to beat?

SMU Gets a WinSensor Scans

While TCU is wondering what else it has to do get a title chance, nearby SMU is happy to say it won a game. The winless Mustangs traveled to a UConn team that gave up football season for basketball weeks ago. The result was SMU overcoming a 20-6 halftime deficit to score three unanswered touchdowns for a 27-20 win. It was just the third time this season SMU scored over 13 points. You have to start somewhere I suppose. The game was really a three-hour billboard for how the American Athletic Conference is a mess of teams who don’t fit. Memphis, Cincinnati, and Central Florida all share the conference title. Begging the question, when you share a league championship with two other teams did anyone really win it?

FCS Shocker

I predicted Jacksonville State would win the FCS championship before the playoffs started and whoops. The Gamecocks let me down big time losing to Sam Houston State 37-26 in the second round at home. It was the first loss Jacksonville State has had to a FCS team all year. Give credit to the Bearkats for forcing two interceptions and keeping Jacksonville State scoreless in the second half. I wrote off Sam Houston State after it was blown out by a division II team at home back in September but have gone 9-1 since then.

Jacksonville State’s defeat reflects badly on the Ohio Valley Conference as the league went 0-2 in the FCS playoffs.

No Upsets in Volleyball

The first two rounds of women’s volleyball tournament were completed this week and 15 of the top 16 seeds have made it to the Sweet Sixteen. Only Kansas, the 16 seed, failed to make it out of the weekend. The last underdog team left is Oregon State and it’s hard to call a PAC-12 team Cinderella.

The good news is that the best teams from the regular season are going to fight it out the next two weeks. The bad news is that my bracket looks pretty stupid for all the upsets I was hoping for.

Florida State is the Queen of Soccer

In an ACC battle for the Women’s Soccer Cup, congratulations to Florida State on its 1-0 win over Virginia. It was the first national championship in women’s soccer for Florida State and probably couldn’t have come at a better time given all the allegations the school has had to deal with the past year.

If you think this is not a big deal at a football school like Florida State then check out this scene.


Pink Out College Football

Like running on bubble gum.

Like running on bubble gum.

Now that we’ve hit October some schools are sporting pink in breast cancer awareness. While the NFL continues to go all out in pink, a few athletic departments are tackling the promotion too. New Mexico State is one school who takes it to another level. First, the Aggies changed the color of its field in Photoshop in its Twitter Banner photo.

But digitally altering a photo is nothing compared to what is becoming an annual tradition in Las Cruces. New Mexico State wore pink jerseys once again in Saturday’s loss to Georgia Southern.

New Mexico State grabbed a 14-0 lead against a favored Georgia Southern in the first quarter but then the novelty of pink must have worn off. The Eagles would score the next 29 points to win the game 36-28. New Mexico State should have won the game if it were not for four costly turnovers.

Oregon State was not as extreme in its pink promotion but did change the color of its profile picture for the month. Now we just need a cartoon called the “Pink Beaver.”

Several conferences have also changed their profile to pink or added a pink ribbon to it. This list includes the Big West, the MEAC, the CIAA, the Peach Belt, East Coast Conference, Great Lakes Valley and MAAC.

Arizona’s Duck Hunt

Arizona upset the No. 2 Oregon Ducks on Thursday and the result was this epic sports and video game crossover. Love it. Nice touch adding the final score in the bottom right corner.

Where in the World are the Ole Miss Goal Posts?

Great times at Ole Miss as it upset Alabama Saturday. The story then became what happened to the goal posts as fans carried them out of the stadium.

One upright ended up at an apartment of a student. That’s why college football is awesome.

Southern Mississippi’s Bad Comparison

While Ole Miss and Mississippi State were taking the entire spotlight from their wins Saturday, Southern Mississippi turned to an alumnus in the NFL for pride. The result was this comparison of Austin Davis to Brett Favre.

Not sure the disastrous Rams offense is a good place to boast about Southern Miss.

Tired Purdue Pete

Purdue scored a surprising victory at Illinois Saturday 38-27 and it appears the mascot needed to take a break from all of the excitement after the game.

Miami University Wins!

In a battle between two winless teams, the Miami RedHawks rallied from a 41-14 hole to beat UMass 42-41. It was the first win Miami has had in nearly two years, ending a torturous 21-game losing streak.

Sure, Miami won because of a missed extra point earlier in the game. Sure, Miami won because UMass didn’t spike the ball allowing time to expire on its final drive. Sure, Miami still has a lot of work to do. But who cares. MIAMI UNIVERSITY WON A FOOTBALL GAME! Streak over.

Tough Day for the Sun Belt

Why is Western Kentucky still here?

Why is Western Kentucky still here?

While the Big 10 has been berated by media folk (rightfully so) one league had an even worse week. The Sun Belt went 0-10 Saturday against schools ranging from LSU to Abilene Christian. Yikes!

It was not completely negative as Georgia Southern gave Georgia Tech a scare losing 42-38 in Atlanta. UL-Monroe was only down 10-0 at LSU after the first half, but the Tigers put the upset to bed with a 30-0 final score. After that… well…
Troy State fell to 0-3 as FCS Abilene Christian shocked it 38-35. That was the probably the most winnable game for the Trojans.

Arkansas State, Louisiana and South Alabama were handled by power conference schools. Idaho was uncompetitive at home against MAC weakling Western Michigan. Texas State surrendered 28 straight points to Navy at home before scoring its first touchdown. UTEP controlled New Mexico State the whole way and Georgia State did what Georgia State does against Air Force. The Panthers even turned to advertising for content on Twitter. Not good.

This doesn’t mean the Sun Belt Conference “sucks” as we like to label struggling leagues. There were disappointing performances to be sure but the Sun Belt is in a bad spot geographically speaking. While the MAC and Conference USA gets to pick at the struggling teams of the Big Ten and Big 12, the Sun Belt is stuck scheduling the SEC. That never ends up well.

The MAC didn’t do great this week either but when a Bowling Green defeats Indiana people tend to forget how badly Central Michigan, Ball State and Kent State played.Sensor Scans

With no big win among the conference other than ULM over Wake Forest in week 1 (not flashy) it’s hard to cover the stinky games up.

Southern Miss Stays Positive

What do you do when you’re getting blown out by No. 2 Alabama? Talk about the field goals your kicker is making and not about the extra points he never tried. The Golden Eagles lost 52-12 but did kick a field goal in each quarter. If that makes Southern Miss fans feel better.

Vanderbilt Hides Football

Forget about “Anchor Down” as Vanderbilt was losing to MAC doormat UMass on Saturday. The Commodores rallied to get their first win but not before reporting on how the school’s cross-country team did on Saturday. This resulted in this awesome exchange.

Vanderbilt might be able to “AnchorDown” against FCS Charleston Southern so fire up that 2-10 season Commodores. You’ll always have cross-country to turn to.

FCS Power Faceplants

No. 15 Sam Houston State was seen as a contender for the FCS playoffs but I’m sure that changed after Colorado State Pueblo destroyed it Saturday. Did I mention that Colorado State Pueblo was Division II? This is like an episode of “Defiance” being better than an episode of “Doctor Who.” It should not happen.

Division II knows how to "Bring the Thunder"

Division II knows how to “Bring the Thunder”

Even more surprising is how this game was never close. The ThunderWolves were up 14-0 after the first quarter and 27-0 at half. The 47-21 final was actually the result of mercy and garbage touchdowns by the Bearkats.

It’s going to be hard for Sam Houston State to come back from this one but maybe it was a learning experience for the Bearkats. One can only hope.

Arithmetic and Talent Shows

It was the first weekend of the year where college basketball had a complete monopoly on the sports world. Let’s take a look at some of the hilarious posts athletic departments did to grab publicity. Both good and bad. Sensor Scans

Gonzaga’s math problem

Gonzaga had a huge West Coast Conference win against BYU late Saturday night to give it the driver seat in the conference race. The game also featured this adventure in arithmetic from the school’s Twitter account.

In Gonzaga’s defense it can be hard to subtract 49 from 54 to get five when you’re live blogging in press row. I guess.

For future reference, schools should try to give only one stat per tweet as you can’t put a box score in 140 characters.

Fairfield’s talent show

MEAC member Fairfield had a very unique event involving all of its athletic teams. The school had its fourth annual student-athlete talent show Saturday night with the proceeds helping out a local family in need.

The result was a series of funny skits from all of the sports teams the Stags have to offer. Each show was judged off of its performance as the softball team made a solid try imitating Despicable Me. Here are the photos from the school’s Facebook page.

Fair softball

Have no idea what the Soccer team was doing here.

Fairfield soccer

But the winner went to the Men’s Cross Country team as it poked fun of the Winter Olympics. Here they are as the Jamaican bobsled team. I wonder what they did for Nancy Kerrigan?

Cross country fairfield

Nice job Fairfield, this would be a great story for the NCAA to make a commercial about. Because we all know the NCAA is there for student-athletes. Man, that last sentence was hard to type.

Morehead State gets fired up over a hard screen.

The level of passion for college basketball in Kentucky is beyond extraordinary. This counts for mid-major Morehead State in the Ohio Valley Conference. A player was hit on a screen against Tennessee State Saturday and caused this slice of awesomeness.

While most athletic departments just use social media for scores, stats and events; it is cool to see some emotion from one. Where else do you see “clobbered” and the sense of righteous fury in a basketball tweet? Keep up the good work Eagles.

Morehead State won the game in overtime 80-74 to improve to 14-8. With no quality wins out of conference, the Eagles will probably have to win the OVC tournament to get into the big dance but that’s a feasible goal for this team.

Texas Tech’s missing wallet

Women’s basketball teams sometimes have to do some zany things to attract fans but this has to be just plain nuts.

A wallet?

How vague is that? Here let me steal my roommate’s wallet and see if I can get some free books.

Product placement and elation at Hawaii

The Hawaii football team had a dismal 1-11 season but the basketball team is having a nice run in the Big West conference. With the game on the line at UC-Irvine, Hawaii needed a miracle three-pointer to force overtime.

That’s right, SHAM-WOW. It works because of Hawaii guard Keith Shamburger. The junior out of Lakewood, California had 11 assists and was nine out of 10 from the free-throw line. The Warriors needed each of those free-throws just as much as the desperation three to escape UC-Irvine 90-86 in overtime. Hawaii is 14-5 with quality wins over Oregon State and St. Mary’s. Expect to hear more out of this team as we approach March.

Western Kentucky speaks for all obsessed college football fans

The snow and the polar vortex didn’t stop Western Kentucky football from demonstrating its impatience.

And I thought I was reaching for content creation.

Basketball Promotions Galore

Sensor scans returns as we do a tour of the hidden gems from the past week.

This is the trickiest time of the year for sports marketing specialists as athletic departmentsSensor Scans are trying to fill seats in their basketball games. If your team has no shot of making it to the tournament, has no basketball tradition, and it’s a polar vortex outside; then good luck attracting fans. Sadly, I just described half of the 349 division I programs.

Cincinnati has been extremely aggressive in its promotions. Even promising a chance to get your money back in a way.

The No. 19 Bearcats have not allowed 70 points in a game all year in its 19 games. Might be a great deal to take advantage of. With a 4-2 record against the RPI top 50, expect Cincinnati to make plenty of noise in the NCAA tournament. The fact they would resort to a deal like this to entice fans is shocking.

The Liberty Flames, a Christian school in Virginia, has turned to Frisbee dogs to help at the gate. I’m assuming the dogs are a better hit than the 7-10 Flames.

Want to go to a Kansas State women’s basketball game? I’m sure it won’t hurt your budget.

Free parking! If I have to pay for parking for a $1 event in Manhattan, Kansas I wouldn’t go to it anyway.

Marshall has this monster of a promo that includes the overused word “selfie.”

Doubt this would increase attendance as it reeks with desperation. When selfie comes into play it typically is a cry for help.

Southern Miss is all about its head coach Donnie Tyndall. So naming a town after him is supposed to pull me into a game?

If the Twitter doesn’t work, let’s try this cheesy video with a movie narration to boot.

The Golden Eagles even made this production so we can stalk Coach Tyndall around campus. If you are able to make it past 35 seconds of this sleeping pill I will be impressed.

Dumbest scheduling move ever

Nice job Memphis Tigers. You scheduled a division II program in mid-January, when you should playing high quality conference games. Instead you shelled out the cash to make LeMoyne-Owen (located in Memphis) a punching bag. Why? The game does little to help your RPI, impress pollsters and attract recruits. The Tigers have a 13-4 record but have few quality wins. Beating an overrated Louisville is pretty much it. Memphis did defeat Oklahoma State on a neutral site, just don’t mention the fact the two played previously in a 21-point destruction by OSU in the prior.

LeMoyne-Owen was the real winner as it got Sportscenter and showed off its unique nickname, the Magicians. LeMoyne-Owen even has a student oath and a Twitter account that’s hardly active.

That was tweeted on Thursday and nothing else was tweeted for another 48 hours. For an athletic department, that’s an eternity.

Auburn does win a title, in Mascots.

In one of the most fun contests on the college sports season, was the national mascot contest. Aubie the Tiger from Auburn won it for the 8th time. Think this doesn’t matter, think again.

Like winning the national title in football. If you consider mascots to be as important.

Like winning the national title in football. If you consider mascots to be as important.

Auburn is going to milk this for all it’s worth as they should. Forget that it is a contest involving a student in a tiger costume dancing to music with cheap props. This is Auburn beating out every other school including Alabama on a dance floor. This national title probably takes out 25 percent of the sting of losing the championship in football. Maybe 50?

California’s strange budget

The good news, California will be adding a sand volleyball team.

Sand volleyball is rapidly growing in NCAA, especially on the west coast, but that’s not the point here. Just a few years ago the Cal athletic department was struggling financially. So much so it cut its baseball team.
Seems improbable that Golden Bears would be in position today to add a sport without restoring baseball first. I’m sure Cal baseball alumni are scratching their heads at the moves of its athletic department.

The dumbest ESPN story of the year… as of January.

Mark Schlabach on ESPN.com is a good writer but apparently was forced into a filler story the past week. With not a lot going on after the title game he wrote a top 25 poll for 2014 just to get people talking. Nothing good can ever come out of college football poll eight and a half months before the start of the season. Say that one more time. Nothing good can ever come out of college football poll eight and a half months before the start of the season.

The poll itself is unimaginative as not a single mid-major program made the top 25. Heck, not a single squad out of the American Athletic Conference made it either. There’s your motivation Central Florida.

As great as college football is I’ve never liked when people try to make it a 365-day sport. This is why we inflate National Signing Day until everyone needs Tums or Pepto-Bismol. Find another sport for four months folks.

Twin Sister Shootout

A better movie than Sister Act

A better movie than Sister Act

It was a great weekend of college sports and there is plenty to talk about. Auburn’s made for television win over Alabama was the star, but this blog plans to illuminate the cloaked gems the sports media was unable to display with its finite resources.

One story was a women’s basketball game between Marquette and Utah. Identical twin sisters played against each other as Marqutte’s Katherine Plouffe took on Michelle Plouffe of Utah. Both women play forward and are senior leaders of their teams. Strangely, Utah says Michelle is 6’4” while Marquette lists Katherine as 6’3”. Doubt one is taller than the other as Marquette says they are almost identical.

That leads me to believe Utah is exaggerating a bit with Michelle’s height. A classic move by athletic departments to make everyone seem taller.

It would still be an interesting game if both Plouffes were bench warmers, but the fact they are the best players on two division teams makes it highly compelling. Michelle has made the All-PAC-12 team twice. Katherine made second team All-Big East last year and we all know that’s a tougher basketball conference. See UConn as exhibit A.

Need more storylines? They are both from Canada! Hello Olympics

What about FIBA? The Plouffes are in that too.

What about the parents? Take a look at the divided shirts the Plouffes were wearing Saturday.

  If that’s not enough for you they also have an older sister, Andrea, who played basketball at the University of Washington. So when these two teams met it was expected that both sisters would bring their best and they did. Katherine led the Golden Eagles in points with 21. Michelle led the Utes in points (18) and rebounds (13). Problem is Michelle didn’t get as much help and shot 4-14 from the field. Marquette’s defense was able to zero in on her.

The result was a 72-65 win for Marquette (6-1) as the Golden Eagles are off to a strong start. Utah (2-4) may have a hard time following up its NIT runner-up season. Not that finishing as runner-up in the NIT for two consecutive years is a desirable goal. That’s like playing Halo with your friends and saying “I hope I only die no more than a few times.”

Still it was an interesting box score to a women’s basketball game in November. How many times does that happen on the same day Auburn plays Alabama?

Good luck to the Plouffes as I’m sure both will be playing professionally and representing Canada in the coming years.

New Mexico Loves Turquoise

It might be a regression year for the Lobos men’s basketball team as it’s coming off a first round loss to Harvard in the NCAA. HARVARD! I was so upset in March as I had New Mexico as a final four team in most of my brackets.

Since then its coach, Steve Alford, went to UCLA. Its best player, Tony Snell, was drafted by the Chicago Bulls and is now a proud member of my fantasy basketball team.

So what’s left for the Lobos? Turquoise uniforms is what’s left and it’s for a good cause too. New Mexico shed their traditional gray and red threads for the turquoise Saturday in its win over San Diego. Turquoise, a color associated with Native Americans (yes, I had to do some internet research to figure that out) was used to raise awareness on obesity and diabetes in Native American youth.

So instead of awkward looking turquoise uniforms, the Lobos were supporting the Native American population in its state. The jerseys were auctioned off to raise money for Native American non-profit organizations. Nice work Lobos.

Happy to go 1-11.

Back to football, we had two programs that won their first game of the season. Congratulations to Southern Mississippi on getting its first win in… well… years.

Also congratulations to Hawaii. It was a somber day as a PLAYER DROWNED IN THE OCEAN ON GAMEDAY. Hawaii ran its first play in honor of Jack Willis Wilson.

The Warriors played hard, breaking out to a 28-7 halftime lead hosting Army. The third quarter was shaky as Army rattled off three straight touchdowns to tie the game midway through the third quarter. Next, Hawaii did something it hadn’t done all year, fight through the pressure. The Warriors scored twice to take a 42-28 lead going into the fourth and held on for the 49-42 victory. I can’t imagine playing a game on the day a teammate died but forfeiting would not honor anyone. Winning the game sure did.

Here’s Hawaii’s coach Norm Chow on what the win meant to the team. He even used the word “bitchin.”

Enjoy it Hawaii and Southern Miss. A 1-11 season is a thousand times better than 0-12. Just ask Georgia State and Miami University. Where a nice punt is worth tweeting about.

Michigan Football and Geometry

How can a team with a top 5 helmet lose to a team with a bottom 5 helmet?

How can a team with a top 5 helmet lose to a team with a bottom 5 helmet?

College football Saturday night was a chain reaction of explosions that rocked the top 25 as multiple unbeaten teams went down. The craziest moments all occurred in a half hour window of two undefeated teams (Stanford and Michigan) while the defending Heisman Trophy winner (Johnny Manziel) left his game due to injury.

Manziel would return as his Texas A&M Aggies survived at Ole Miss. No. 5 Stanford would lose to Utah 27-21 crippling its title hopes. But the best game came at Penn State where Michigan choked away, I mean was defeated for the first time this season in four overtimes 43-30.

Michigan was nursing a 34-27 lead late in the fourth and had a 3rd and 9 at Penn State’s 27 yard line. The Wolverines want to kill clock but also needed to score a field goal to make it a two possession game and put the contest to bed. Michigan took a delay of game penalty pushing it out of field goal range. After a punt Penn State got the ball back with at its 20 with 50 seconds to play only needing a touchdown. The rest is history as Penn State would score to tie it sending the game into the first of its four overtimes. The penalty was not intentional but not snapping the ball before the play clock expires is insane in that situation.

The poor play calling would continue into the overtimes where Michigan was ultraconservative. Twice, Michigan only needed a field goal to win the game but made no effort to advance the ball. All the Wolverines did was run the ball to position the kick in the middle of the field. The first attempt was blocked and the second one was missed. Instead of trying to make the kick shorter the Wolverines focused on the angle like an obsessed Geometry major. The result was over 100,000 Nittany Lions fans leaving the stadium happy.Sensor Scans

I love Michigan’s Coach Brady Hoke, but simple decisions made by him and his staff killed the game. Why make things harder on your kicker intentionally? Why give Penn State the ball back by taking a delay of game penalty?

Way to go Missouri!
Remember how SEC fans thought Missouri had no business being in the conference. Yeah I was one of those. Now Missouri is in the driver seat in the SEC East after winning at the infirmary known as the Georgia Bulldogs. Not to boast but we kind of saw this coming.

The sad state of the AAC
The newly named American Athletic Conference that should really be called the “Zombie Big East” is struggling more than NBC’s ratings. Louisville is the only ranked team and it’s departing to the ACC next year. Houston is undefeated but has played nothing but senior citizens who are decent at Wii Sports. Somehow, South Florida is 2-0 in conference action despite losing to the FCS McNeese State and Sun Belt doormat Florida Atlantic. That means it is still possible South Florida (No. 115 Sagarin Ranking) could make it to a BCS game this year. A win at No. 8 Louisville on Oct. 26 and it just might happen. Happy Halloween everyone!

Pillow fight of the year
UMass got its first win of the year Saturday defeating 0-6 Miami University 17-10. The two teams combined for five turnovers and Miami went and inept 1-11 on third down conversions. Even with the win UMass only moved up to No. 165 in Sagarin with Miami at No. 189. The latter being next to worse among FBS teams.

Twitter fun
Michigan was not the only team to lose in multiple OTs as Murray State dropped a tough one to Southeast Missouri State in FCS action 37-34. Murray State has the resorted itself to the shameless marketing strategy of giving away free food and plugging sponsors to put fans in the seats. Welcome to life in the FCS.

Idaho was humbled at Arkansas State 48-24 Saturday making it tough to tweet anything good for Idaho. So what did the Vandals do? Say you lost to a superior SEC school instead of a crappy Sun Belt team.

Georgia State, the lowest ranked FBS team in Sagarin, played better at home Saturday against Troy State. The Panthers lost 35-28 but gave their fan base hope. When you’re as bad as the Panthers, hope can go to your head, including the athletics’ Twitter account. This tweet in the fourth quarter is our depressing tweet of the week.

Talk about hope for the hopeless. When PR people are tweeting the defense to get a turnover it is pretty much over.