Star Trek Basketball

People often tell me they find basketball boring. Just fuse basketball with “Star Trek” and you got yourself a game.

It is all about the scoring system. Each time a team scores a basket view it as a phaser firing on the opposing team. If it is a three pretend it is a photon torpedo. A free throw would just be a phaser at half power.

As the game goes on each team will score points inflicting imaginary damage to their imaginary starships.

Now you can say to your friends “Captain, Duke’s shields are collapsing.” Or how about “Syracuse can’t take much more this, she’s about to blow.”

Here is a blueprint for the simulated battle damage in the college game.

25 points = Shields at 50 percent
50 points = Shields collapsed
60 points = Warp drive offline
75 points = Impulse power offline
80 points = Life support offline
85 points = Starship destroyed
100 points = All surviving shuttlecraft destroyed
130 points = All surviving escape pods destroyed

For the NBA just bump the ratings up as there are more minutes played in the NBA with more scoring. Shields collapse at 75 with the starship blowing up at 100. Escape pods at 150.


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